About Renato

Renato DaRocha is a certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Renato opened his own state of the art gym with all new commercial grade equipment in the heart of Laguna Beach. His passion for health and fitness is evident in his customized meal plans and workout regimens.

Renato has competed – and placed every time – in Men’s Physique competitions around the world. He was born in Brazil and has training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, which allows him to integrate such diversity into his workout regimens.

About Hooman

Hooman is an ACE Pro trainer and physique athlete. He has won several fitness awards and various fitness competitions. He has 12 years of personal training experience. Hooman enjoys helping and inspiring individuals to reach their fitness goals while transforming their physique. Hooman customizes every workout to the client and focuses on core strength, stability, and mobility. He specializes in building endurance, lean muscle, and weight loss. His extensive background as a trainer and an athlete is evident in his accomplishments, personal physique and well being.

ACE Pro Certified (since 2004) IFBB and NPC physique competitor

Continued Education & Certifications
Functional Training
Contemporary Topics in Nutrition HIIT vs HVIT vs VII Training
The Body as One Movement Mechanics, Screens and Corrective Strategies for
Fitness professionals

Athletic Experience & Awards
Mr. Great Bodies 2013 Slimmers World Internationals, Asia Top 5 Shawn Rhoden Classic 2015 IFBB, Asia
Semifinal Amateur Olympia 2015 Hong Kong IFBB, Asia Top 5 NPC Los Angeles Championships

4th Place NPC Tournament of Champions, San Diego
2nd place and muscle contest LAfitexpo 2019

About Chad

Chad Walden is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. A Southern California native, he found his passion for fitness and athletics by playing team sports, including a two-year college career in basketball. Utilizing his ability to work as a team, Chad then served in the United States Coast Guard. While serving Chad earned the honor of “Coast Guard Hero” and found a new passion in training his shipmates to meet rigorous physical fitness standards. Upon completion of his service in the Coast Guard, Chad was passionate about sharing his fitness knowledge with others.

Chad enjoys utilizing his athletic background to create challenging and personalized workouts for all individuals. From guiding clients to achieve a variety of personal fitness goals, to sports training, Chad is a versatile fitness coach.